Wardens #1 (44 pages, action/supernatural)

It’s 1926 in prohibition-era Toronto and strange things are afoot in the working-class immigrant neighbourhood known as “The Ward!”

Rachel Tussman, a 20-year-old Jewish seamstress, has her life turned upside down when tragedy befalls her younger sister, Goldie, and gives rise to The Schmata, an assemblage of possessed clothes out for bloody revenge!

Funded on Kickstarter!

Art & colours by Robert Jennex
Edited by Aubrey Lyn Jeppson

Awakening (one-shot, sci-fi)

A starship at the edge of known space. An incomprehensible cosmic anomaly. An AWAKENING.

Funded on Kickstarter!

Art by Greg Woronchak
Colours by Emil Carlos
Letters by Aubrey Lyn Jeppson

I’m with the Bard (6 pages, fantasy/comedy)

Or, “How the legendary Orc bard Grosh Pitt got his groove back”.

Art by Behm MacRae
Colours by Daniele Caramancio

Real the full story in the successfully Kickstarted anthology: Might, Magic, and Monster-in-Laws!

Je te plumerai (10 pages, horror)

Alouette, gentille alouette…

Art by Christian Wolf
Colours by Ilaria Fella
Letters by Nikki Powers

Don’t Go Below (8 pages, sci-fi/horror)

There are three rules are taught to all Martian children before exploring their planet:
Don’t go alone.
Don’t go unprepared.
Don’t go below.

Read the full story in the successfully Kickstarted anthology: Fairytales from Mars!

Art & Letters: Reda Kahloula

Final Arbitration (Webtoon, action/satire)

When trade negotiation become a blood sport, rookie arbitrator Jagvir Bhatia must defend his nation’s economy… with his very life!

A one-shot Webtoon created for the Call To Action contest.

Art & Letters: Lamboski

Chosen (6 pages, sci-fi)

A boy’s sci-fi dreams come true when he’s chosen to join the “Brightstar Alliance”, interstellar peacekeepers! But whose peace are they really keeping, anyway?

Read the full story in the successfully Kickstarted anthology: Scott Snyder Presents: Tales from the Cloakroom!

Art & Letters: Lucas Assis
Colours: Jimmy G.

Ctrl-Alt-Die (6 pages/18 screens, horror)

Work from home. Die alone.

Published in Tales from the Dispatch No. 3!

The Longest Case (4 pages, noir)

It all started with a missing girl. Helen, I think her name was. Or Maybe Persephone? Who can remember. It’s been so long…

Art & Letters: Behm MacRae
Colours: Karla Aguilar

Quantum Kirby (5 pages, sci-fi/slice-of-life)

An improbable cat helps a girl come to grips with the uncertainty of the global pandemic.

Art: Debra Lancianese
Colours: Jovanna Plata
Letters: Lyndon Radchenka